Alternative Bio


Yannis Zafeiriou is an award winning director, born and raised in Athens, Greece. With a university education in the UK and the US, he worked in Athens for a decade before eventually moving to Los Angeles.


He is known for his unique and passionate storytelling style which often infuses a little sense of humour, fantasy, science-fiction and the supernatural into the ordinary lives of the characters.


He strives to create intense, emotionally engaging stories in various genres and narratives, often utilizing new technologies in novel, creative ways to draw the audience into the story. His extensive portfolio includes TV shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films and digital series.


He is currently exploring several feature film ideas which are in various stages of development.


Yannis has a thing for penguins, but it is strictly platonic.





Yannis is represented by The Jaunties.






Born in Athens, lived in many places, raised by a family

of penguins in a remote, ancient temple

on the outskirts of Antarctica.

Studied "film", which is essentially a string of pics in the brain, conjuring ideas, ending up being videos. And it's always good getting awarded for what's in your head, non?

Happy as I am for getting paid to do what I love,

I'll keep on filming until I get my Oscar.

Then I will disappear from the civilized world

to roll around in my piles of money,

and play all day.

With penguins